Wednesday, November 9, 2016

US votes for more earthquakes

Yeah, trumpynose has won!  In celebration, Oklahoma just produced an m4 earthquake with most complex mechanism ever.

I don't know what that is, oblique strike-slip, with both normal and thrust?  It's a mess, just like the future.

So, Poutine takes over all the oil countries, but the US has fracking, which will increase tremendously.  No more of that 'climate change' garbage, it has no physics.

I was saying that OK earthquakes were going into their winter hibernation, who knows now?

ps.  My concept of a 'closer earthquake', which is the earthquake that shuts down all injection and all fracking, has been bumped up to the full apocalyptic New Madrid Sequence.

ps2.  Usgus (busgus) on the way out, or they'll think that, making sure they never say anything.  You couldn't get any of them to say anything before, now you won't even find them.  :)

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