Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump's first 100 days

Besides harassing the women, he should also attack all the sacred cows that hobble the US.

Mortgage deductability.  Distorts the housing market.  He should promise lower income taxes instead.

Medicare - Why should the old people get a gold-plated healthcare system?  It should be that nobody gets any healthcare.  Less taxes mean that you buy your own.

Agriculture - The hell with the damn farmers.

Big walls of everything - Protectionism for all.  Canada will do well to drop all tariffs on its own.  No more tit for tat.

Global warming - He should state my scientific objections.  Get rid of the EPA

USGS - get rid of them.  What did they ever do?

Unions - get rid of them.

Middle East - give it to Russia, they'll soon go bankrupt.  It's a poisoned chalice.

FBI - get rid of Homeland Security and all the thousand little agencies.  Put the FBI Director in charge of everything.  After all, he earned it by giving Trump the election.

He doesn't really have that much power, just a bully pulpit.  If he strikes at both dem and rep sacred cows at once, he can show that he really is an independent, looking for change.

ps.  get rid of the DEA, legalize all drugs with tax, use that to pay for the wall.  Abolish the IRS and no income tax, the drugs will pay.  No entitlements, and no fed agencies.

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