Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Toronto City Services Become Incompetent

I voted for Rob Ford, and when he first came in, the city jumped.  They were probably all afraid everything would be contracted out, which it should be.  Anyway, they created a 311 email service that got things done.  I had an amazing time, since you could never get through by phone.

**Digression - My son in California got his driver's license stuck in the wrong place because he is Canadian, and his status flip-flops like a Trumpy statement.  It is stuck in the paper inbox of a one person office who only puts it on the top if you get through by phone.  Otherwise, it is never done.  The voice mail always states there are 50 people before you.  This is what Toronto is going back to.

I tried to get through to the guy who stole the Ford name to get elected, but he has a person who says that nothing is his job.  A very nice living, somewhat like me.  :)  But I'm just venting.

**Digression2 - Another dog, almost identical to mine is always jealous about her frisbee.  So I talked the guy into just letting her go.  They had the most horrendous 'bitch' fight (true sense of the word), and I took the frisbee away.  They stopped and ignored each other.  Nobody hurt and they vented.  :)

ps.  I'm all calm now.  As the Great Timpy says "This is all sarcasm, and never happened."  :)

pps.  Wow, today the inspector came to look at that wonky foundation, and the city trimmed the tree that was whapping the hydro lines.  The next thing you know, they'll be thinking earthquakes, and turning Port Hope into a nuclear research centre.  :)

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