Friday, November 11, 2016

Oklahoma starts to go all red

OK earthquakes are picking up again, just when I thought they would hibernate for the winter.  I suspect that everybody is going nuts with fracking, with you-know-who in the captain's chair.

Plus we've got New Madrid perking up.  All of this activity means I'm calling for a big quake before Christmas.  I'm still high on my last successful prediction, that I'll say it's a 6, simply because that's more interesting than another 5.  Been there, done that.

But for a 6 to be interesting, it has to be a shallow one, those deep-sixes we've had are forgettable.  Since this is all sarcasm anyway, I'm calling for a shallow 6 that will knock down at least 3 abandoned downtown cores, composed of ridiculously tall, thin brick walls.  Nobody will be killed because nobody lives there.  :)

ps. the EPA is gone.  Opec will soon be gone.  This express train is on the rails!

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