Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kill the Global Warming Garbage

Yeah, we can go all trumpy now.  Everybody buy huge pickup trucks with shotgun racks.  Gasoline is free!

I can now go out of the closet.  I used to say that gorming has no physics, but they hijacked the word 'science'.  I can put on my bumper sticker 'My Science Follows the Scientific Method'.  I'm going to take back the original meaning of the word.

Actually, that meaning only dates from the Reformation, when humanity came out of the Dark Ages.  Before that, Science, was philosphy.  I'll call that Philosophical Science, or PS.  That followed ancients like Aristotle. Their ps was observing correlations and making obvious, folksy conclusions.  And then they dared anybody to try to knock it off the pedestal.  We got the Sun around the Earth thing, and 'Ether is space'.  They would conclude that a small ball, when dropped, fell slower than a big one, and they would never experiment because the 'ps was in', with a 99% consensus.

AAAHH!  I'm killing this article.  It only leads to torture by the Gorming Inquisition.  I never wrote it and it doesn't exist.      ....and yet it does.

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