Thursday, November 17, 2016


Oh man, I love 'daily mail' headlines.  This is 'official' by me, and me only.  It's from the Unionville situation.  Only the bargain hunters are offering now, they are hoping that 30% is enough, and not going to 50%.  I had suggested to the cbc that they should look at this, but they'll never touch it.  They'll wait for the agents to report, and they never will.

All the bank stress tests are at 20% - Ha!  This is 'blood in the streets' time, which my cheap investor friend always said was time to buy.  I think we are going for a big dip, because everybody is so strung out.  In a month all the big new condo projects will fold.  The foreign buyers will walk away from their deposits, leaving the banks with the empty bag.

** if you are upset, don't believe me.  :)

ps.  We believe they may have walked away from the shoddy fix and sell job back of us.  And so it begins.

pps.  Whoops!  Just a different intensity of effort.

Final - the single offer ended at 20%  The hot money is gone, the crowd seems more like income investors, so the price will go with the rents.

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