Monday, November 7, 2016

Cushing Earthquake Strong Ground motion is in

Yeah, we got ourselves 15 cm/s (corrected) and half a g (high frequency, doesn't count), and a complex earthquake.  That's two, two, two earthquakes in one!  That makes the damage a bit higher for the magnitude, but two earthquakes only changes a decimal place on the magnitude, and I always round to a single digit because of these messes.  An m5 is nothing to the coming m7.

A single clean earthquake gives a simple velocity pulse.  I don't think the birdies would fly because they see magnetic fields with their eyes, and they were asleep.  My instruments would have caught that pulse.  Also, they catch the pulses in Tulsa with the big EM setup, but they're staying out of this.

This won't crack the oil tanks, but it would sure as heck weaken them for the next quake.  Now they'll shut the wells again, which they did before, only to let them open in a week or two.  Such fun with the rightie trumpies.  :)

Also the new OK seismologist is supposed to be there.  Is he under his desk?


The airport got 15 cm/s.  That's almost the worst shaking of the big Japan earthquake.  That for sure damaged the tanks, but who can tell if it isn't totally ruptured.  The will go on as if nothing happened.

You can't see the doubling as much here.  But like I said these jump up by factors of 10, not 10%  :)

ps.  Had they done a seismic noise test on those brick buildings, they could now do another one to see if it had softened up.  As it is, they'll have a guy, probably worse than the guy who approved that Christchurch building, look for cracks and such.  Then he'll say it's all wunderbar.  Actually, in litigious US they'll never find that guy.  Maybe Boak will do it with his 'simple geology person' expertise.  :)

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