Monday, November 7, 2016

Attention all Oklahoma Civil Engineers

Red tag all the damaged buildings.  Do not approve any damaged brick building for re-occupancy.  Remember Christchurch where they approved the office building and it pancaked in the next quake, killing everybody.  Unless you plan on suicide real soon, do not be the scape-goat.  This was 15 cm/s, the next quake will be bigger, you can count on that.

Civil servants are approving the bridges by sniffing them or some such thing.  They'll always be okay, because it goes through 10 levels of approval, and nobody is accountable.  Red tag everything.  :)

I would only approve if I had done a seismic noise test before and after.  There was also that building in Taiwan, damaged and approved, made out of tin cans.  Lots of people died in that, after another quake.

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