Sunday, November 13, 2016

Another instrument for earthquake country

I'm putting together my 'Octocore' accelerometer, but I have added a magnetometer for earthquake lights, magnetic pulses, bird scarings, etc.

A beautiful chip and it follows the accelerometers in getting the signal to the raspi3.

Here is a video of the signal when I wave a small magnet around.

The noise is probably from the computers and such.  Nevertheless, this is something that could record what is causing earthquake lights and bird flights.  Nobody else seems to be interested in this sort of physics.  I am proposing that there is a clear magnetic signal before a big earthquake like this, and having tons of these instruments around is the only way to figure it out.  I'm hoping that the doomed Clintons will be interested.  :)  Trumpie wouldn't know physics if something fell on his head.  Anyway, this is my dream.

I'm also adding this to make an interesting signal for future development.  I'm not getting any seismic signal up in boring old Toronto, unless it's the thumps from the housing market collapsing.  :)


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