Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Quality and the NERF Rival Khaos Mxvi-4000 Blaster Red

This is the gun that 'Failure to Launch' 27 year old males have wet dreams for.  It launches foam golf balls at 30 m/s. They can knock out an eye.  The mechanism is a physicist's dream.  I won some sort of lottery that lets me review these things, but this one came DOA.  My 27 year old baby was devastated.  He wants revenge and this is it.  We took it apart, since someone said a simple soldering job was required.

Solder all good, but with a hairball job that makes me look good.  No voltage getting to the motors, so the power supply is fried.  You put in the magazine, and a conveyor belt feeds the balls to a standard double wheel baseball-type shooter.  And get this, it drags the top, with grooves in the barrels so it gets a bottom-spin that provides a flat trajectory.  Neat!  The designer was a genius.  Now, that's physics!

ps. and all ammie support on this is run by machines.  Not your advanced AI neural circuit machines, good old steampunk clockwork machines like on 2001.  "I can see that you're upset, Dave, I'll just turn off your life support."

pps.  went through it all.  The motors were sticky, had to be hand-cranked.  They obviously don't test.

pps.  Big Baby went nuts when he came home late last night.  Shot all over the place, gloated to his friends.  Dog hid in a corner.  Do not buy this as a Christmas gift!

pps+  with the standard batteries, it is whimpy.  I hooked up a car battery, and died laughing.  The thing practically put a hole in the wall, and 10 rounds per second!  I'll do a video.

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