Sunday, October 30, 2016

Life of a Start-up

My son is now riding a start-up that will go exponential.  This could only happen in Palo Alto, and not Toronto.  That's because of the immense wealth in the area, and that there are lots of people in competition to throw money at start-ups with a 1% chance of succeeding.  Try to find that in Canada, where all the money goes into condos.  :)

Anyway, the focus of the start-up could only be in the States.  It tries to help teachers buy houses.  In the States, the rich neighbourhoods have hijacked the system so that the schools are essentially private schools behind gates.  They have lots of foundations donating them money.  None of these rich people have heard of the Internet, so it is amazing how easy it is to introduce them to the concept of social media and cooperation.

The poor districts are horrible, but there are lots of big foundations wanting to help them.  They just needed some direction and communication.

This will go big and I'm glad for my son.  I'm sorry they had to leave Canada, but that's the way it is.

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