Wednesday, October 5, 2016

El Nino going for a double peak

The ocean currents still haven't resumed their normal patterns.  The Pacific is not producing our normal NW prevailing winds, and the Atlantic current has gone totally weird.  This is the plot of the satellite microwave readings.  It is the equivalent of considering the Earth to be a dim bulb for heat radiation.  The higher the graph, the more heat the Earth is shedding.  Our Earth must shed not only the solar heat, but the geothermal heat as well.  The equatorial clouds act as a near-perfect insulator, so big bursts of heat energy to space only come when we have El Nino events, which take warm water to clear Northern air.

The 1997 El Nino was considered huge, but this one is dwarfing that.  And it's giving a "Not Dead Yet" shout.  Very weird.

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