Tuesday, September 6, 2016

USGS Bails Out Of Oklahoma


“Without studying the specifics of the wastewater injection and oil and gas production in this area, the USGS cannot currently conclude whether or not this particular earthquake was caused by industrial-related, human activities,” the USGS said in a statement. “However, we do know that many earthquakes in Oklahoma have been triggered by wastewater fluid injection.”

The USGS will continue to process seismic data in the coming days and weeks “that will help answer this question,” it added.

So you heard them, they need to 'study the specifics', but they won't.  They'll just rehash the horrible records from cheap seismometers.  No hope there.

You may note that there is no longer some random person from Boulder talking.  The PR department has clamped down and is just issuing polished statements.  You wouldn't be able to get a scientist to squeak, if you whapped them with a stick.

They also severely muffled down the last earthquake to a 5.6.  That was right at the bottom of the estimates.  Had it been a 5.7, it would have been the 'biggest', and people would be demanding a response.

I call them the 'busgus', because I knew they would 'Take the bus, Gus.'  In this age where Trump will be president, they are lying low.  I'm sure they suddenly said "Holy Shit, there's a 7 coming, and we'll be holding the bag for 'not warning' a la Italian Seismologists.  Now, by disappearing, they can issue a statement something along the line that 'the local seismologists are responsible'.  Except there aren't any!  OK has kicked them out.

We should get an OK 'killer' before Hillary loses by putting every supporter to sleep.  These people won't make to the voting booths.  Then we'll see the extreme religious right blaming it all on those 'Liberals'.  :)

ps.  New M5 in the northern section.  The seismic energy rate now indicates the 7 by the end of the year.  Next thing we should be seeing are the far-field strain effects (distant small earthquakes).

ps2.  The buildings at the epicentre have all been red-tagged at 5 cm/s.  Had it been the Italian 20 cm/s you would have seen the same sights.

ps3.  In a polished press statement, the busgus avoided showing their egg face and put up the magnitude to 5.8.  Probably bowed to international pressure.

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