Saturday, September 3, 2016

Huge M6 earthquake hits Oklahoma

No details yet, but it seems to be a deep normal, which is always underrated by the busgus.  Other sensors put it at 6.  This is consistent with the high rate we've seen every since oil and gas went up.  Although it has probably knocked things down, it is nothing if this were a shallow thrust that I expect soon.  It's good to be right all the time.  :)

ps.  I was only expecting this by the end of the year.  Maybe we'll still get another one.  Although I have said that a 6 will be a 'closer', it has to be a shallow thrust under OK city, or the oil tanks.  This one will do nothing, and fresh water injection will go on at a furious rate.  A deep normal earthquake has the least PGV for the magnitude.

pps.  a heck of a lot of aftershocks for this quake.  Maybe the next 6 will come sooner than I expect.  Normally, I expect things to calm down quickly.

more notes.  For some reason the busgus is keeping it at 5..6, even though there are a huge number of seismometers going up to 6.1.  There is a political reason for not breaking the 5.6 ceiling, because that would make it the biggest yet, and they've got everybody believing that the earthquakes are going down.

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Barbara Bowman-Fuller said...

You are right about 5.6 being the largest to hit our state. However, a Tulsa news station reported this quake at 5.8. Harold, have you tried to speak with any members of our deceitful and oil industry corrupted Govt? I wish you would. Thanks for all you do for us "Ignorant Okies!