Friday, September 30, 2016

Busgus elevates earthquake odds to ridiculous levels


I looked it up and argued with people on my collection, but it is true.  They have knocked up the hazard by a factor of 50 for the next week because of this cluster.

They've always said that a cluster knocks up the odds by 1 to 10% for the next week.  I blame this typo on their new 'PR Wall of Suits'.  Nobody can get to a scientist now, with Trumpy scaring them to death.  So this just goes on and on.  The Wall will never admit they were wrong.

ps.  lots of articles tiptoeing around this now.  All of them state that a cluster only adds 1% to the odds of it happening anyway.  None of them go after the busgus.  They are too kind.  :)

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