Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The earthquake that will destroy Toronto - Part 4


To keep my sanity, I am adding the following between the stars.  For total realists, do not read this, but assume when you see the '**' that these people have died a horrible death.

**The Wizard of Toronto looked on with some distaste.  He had tried to convince the 'Powers' through the crazy old guy, but they didn't listen.  Now it had come to this.  Everybody who was about to die would be instantly zapped to Happy Land, and he would replace them with horribly mangled realistic bodies.  The rescue people needed something to do.  He couldn't do much about the wounded.  **

Jim and Barb were enjoying the birth of their first baby at the old Burlington Hospital.  A magnificent structure of brick, it was built on the Hamilton swamp lands.  The fault rupture emerged under the hospital pushing a 'hammer pulse' of 50 cm/s in rock.  On the swamp it amplified to an unimaginable 200 cm/s.  Jim, Barb and the baby started screaming as the lights went out, and things started to shake.  **

Just down the road, Frank was sitting at his terminal for the Ontario Electrical Authority, which controlled all the high-voltage electricty lines throughout the province.  He only had a vague notion of the monitor coming for his head.  **

-- okay, I found a way around it.  I'll continue.

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