Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Small Italian earthquake with big consequences

This is the standard earthquake that is expected all the time along the spine of Italy.  The PGV was probably 20 cm/s, which any rugged building should survive.  But all the buildings here are piles of rocks.  Thus is the consequence of no seismic capacity.  Such beautiful, ancient towns, no chance to knock them all down and put up something with the more 'normal' capacity of 50 cm/s.

We'll continue to see this every few years.  The above plot of 'estimated fatalities' takes into account the construction.


Anonymous said...

What PGV can our wood frame houses in Canada handle?

Harold Asmis said...

Our wood frames were untouched in Chile at 40 cm/s. I suspect massive drywall damage, chimneys down, at 60. So there could be injuries. Probably still standing at 100.

The M7 Toronto earthquake will produce 20 in rock, and 200 on soft soil. **not happening tomorrow.**

Anonymous said...

Thanks, How about all those concrete condo towers??

Harold Asmis said...

All those condos have serious design flaws, in the name of making them look pretty, and allowing more parking. They are designed with an assumption of 'slow rolling' motion, but near-field earthquakes give a huge, sharp velocity pulse. People will still be able to get out, but the buildings are garbage afterward.