Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Powerful Oklahoma thrust earthquake hits the city

I'm calling this an m5 (to the single digit), since some stations have reported that, and thrusts are always underrated.  This is finally the start to my m5 'prediction' about 2 years ago.  The price of oil and gas has zoomed so the state is now in what I call my high rate.  That's 6 m3's a day and a 5 every month.  It would take an m6 thrust, just like this one to start dropping bricks in the city.  I can expect that by the end of the year, if we keep the high rate.

ps.  downgrade to a 4.0 probably because of the small felt area.  They have only one square hole and all the round pegs must fit.  Very sad, because then they don't get the full picture of how the energy rate is going exponential.   Till the next quake....

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