Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Physics - El Nino still dominates our weather

In Toronto, we are about to enter a super heat wave that makes all the others ones look cool.

Here is the latest satellite microwave background plot.  It's a measure of how much the Earth glows in the lower frequencies, which is the only way it sheds off heat.  As I've written, we owe much to the efficiency of the Great Heatpump.  I'm surprised I'm the only one writing about it, I guess no physics person actually wants to touch the 'third rail' of global warming and cooling.  For example, if just look at physics, carbon in the upper atmosphere is one of our main coolants.  Thank goodness, or life would have died during our mezozoics (plates all coming together).

What you read in the meda is that all the gorlings have forgotten 'Old El', and blame all the heat waves on you know what.  But this is a super-el and the effects may go on for a long time.  After that, we plunge into cold due to all the heat energy being dumped into space.

All our ocean currents are still majorly screwed up.  So far all the hurricanes are forming west of Mexico, the Gulf Stream is getting mucked and there is still backwash in the Pacific.  Fun times.  :)

Our Arctic ice volume has taken a big hit, but it should climb up soon.  I hate ice.  :(

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