Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Oklahoma Earthquake Summary - Life Again

There is good physics to correlate natural gas prices with OK earthquakes.  That's because the decision of "Should I frack for gas today?"  is very dependent on what people think the price will be in a month or two.  Then the trucks fill up with fresh water fracking waste, and go to OK.

Earlier in the year, it looked very good for natgas, and earthquakes shot up, doubling the normal rate.  Then in the past month or so, gas was down, and no earthquakes.  Now we have action on both fronts.


Lots of articles saying gas will go up.  Time to frack!

And this brings lots of OK earthquakes.  There's been quite a swarm, right in the centre.  Most recently, we had a shallow m4, strike-slip, int 5, directed to the NE.

We'll see what happens.  If natgas stays up, then I predict a high rate, etc.

ps.  more quakes, so the rate is now at the max for the year, 6 m3's a day, 2 m4's a week, 1 m5 per month.

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