Sunday, August 7, 2016

Nothing can phase nuclear toadie-land


People in the nuclear industry get so frustrated that they send an anonymous letter.  Not too many people since any old person who can blink is working for the big refurb.  That's where they are tearing the guts out of Darlington because of a major design flaw.  That flaw is still there, so if they think the refurb will last 50 years they are smoking crack.  :)  Actually, my opinion is that they are all fordies.

I was raised to make the odds of a major nuclear incident to be about one in 10 million per year.  Unfortunately, by throwing me out, they have reduced those odds to about one in a thousand, or the odds of an m7+ under Hamilton.  Maybe one in 10,000, but the last major earthquake was several thousand years ago as seen in the sediments.

So, they go on their merry way, with the toadies as regulators.  With those odds I'll be dead anyway, and nobody really cares any more.  :(

ps.  It's funny to think that you would get the exact same type of answer no matter what you wrote.  I know with the Bruce Deep Black Hole, I wrote "You're right on top of the dang Grenville Front.", and they said it was irrelevant.  This is Canadian 'old boy' corruption at its deepest.

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