Thursday, August 11, 2016

Condo Boom is Earthquake Hell


“They figure that, surely it’s designed well. To be totally clear, I don’t think anybody realizes it. The more exciting and interesting your building is, the more likely you won’t be able to use it after a significant earthquake.”

All condos are built cheaply as compared to bank towers.  A conventional bank tower on columns down to bedrock will be usable after any type of earthquakes.  I've never seen any condo go up that I wasn't worried about.  And I think they get worse every year because they are designed for energy absorption with sinusoidal earthquake motions.  And many of them may be on soil foundations.

I am confident that you'll walk out of this alive, but that's it.  The solution is to insure for the full price of the condo with the Clueless Swiss directly.  Don't go local.  Since most of these luxury condos are empty, there will be no problem evacuating.  :)

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