Monday, June 27, 2016

Cottage Report

Finally getting pleasant.  We've been getting rain that has missed Toronto, so no big drought alert.  I remember the last time we had fires all over the place.  Those twin turbo water bombers are the bomb!

Now is horrendous deer fly time.  So many and so many varieties that you scarcely notice the horseflies.  Like all the bug cycles, this lasts for a week or two.  Horseflies pack a wallop, but are easy to kill on the dock.  Never be without your fly swatter at this time!  It was horrible to fish or talk to people on the dock, because Roxie the wonder dog would stand faithfully right beside me and be covered black with flies.  Made it good for me, but soon I felt sorry for her and go upstairs where I had two bug lamps going.  That would just slow them down a bit.

The water is now swimable, even for me.  :)

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