Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oklahoma Earthquakes - Death Takes a Holiday

Okay, so this is the script so far.  Death, in the form of a giant New Madrid earthquake is bored with Oklahoma.  He thinks the tornadoes are having all the fun, so he leaves for a holiday.

For real, my current hypothesis is that injection of fresh water is causing chemical stress corrosion which is forming a new-New Madrid.  That is why I am always tracking the health of the gas or oil freshwater fracking industry.  The can inject all the deep 'produced water' all they want, since it is non-aggressive to quartz.  New Madrid was a natural seep that probably took thousands of years to set up.  OK is doing it a thousand times faster.

The last big action was in December, and a bit of leftover action in January due to the warm El Nino.  But then a good freeze came, and freshwater fracking was shut down.  It started again at the beginning of May and we had a good run of 3 M3's a day, with a 4 on the weekends.

It seems to be off again, and I can't figure out why.  We know that they would lie like burgers*, about what they are injecting, but I can't see a reduction in this type of waste.  The only way I get to save my non-existent reputation is if we have a big one soon.  If it it totally peters out, I'll have to re-think my faith in basic physics.  Perhaps join the philosophy club.  Bah!

*I make up these things.

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