Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Oklahoma may be starting earthquake season

Oklahoma has seasonal earthquakes.  Winter is very dull, and new earthquake life grows in Spring.  I suppose that somebody one day might plot the earthquake energy and see this but I don't care.  This year it has been delayed because of our long cold spring caused by the El Nino hangover.  That darn El Nino spent all our heat budget in one big fling, and now we northerners will suffer for it.

This one was at the farthest point south, and was a directed thrust towards OK City.  It was of moderate depth with only an intensity 4.  I have been expected much more activity since natural gas prices are going up, and all this is caused by gas fracking waste.  This water is mostly fresh and freezes easily so they most likely delay shipments and such until it gets warm.  The Northeastern Marcellus Shale play is booming so the trucks are lined up.

**down to a 3.6 followed by an identical m3.7, shallower, intensity 5.

**just now m4.1 intensity 6.  A 4 every few days is Earthquake Season, with a 5 every month or so.

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