Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Another funk time

Thus endeth a very good run.  I had Fark pick up my seismic noise testing post for some weird reason and got hundreds of hits on that.  I've perfected my accelerometer and it has to go to server-side processing which I won't do.  Winter has set in again, stopping my geotechnical nightmares.  Nothing to do.

OK will delay it's action while the NE freezes.  No trucks of gas frack waste coming in.

The worst thing for an intellectual depressive to do is to let the stupidity of the world get to you.  All the money of the world is controlled by stupidity, who set up offshore accounts and broadcast it to the world.  I fight the good fight with laughter, but sometimes it gets through.  The next big OK earthquake usually revives me.

ps. I am rejecting all stupidity and am at peace with the universe.

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