Tuesday, March 29, 2016

USGS Joins the March to New-Science (Philosophy)

The Big Gus has joined our favourite warmists, in fleeing physics.  Their new map is totally qualitative and can mean anything they want to mean, day to day.  Not a speck of physics.

Ever since the warmists brought out their spurious correlation, this 'new-speak science' has become just too attractive to the PR departments that now run all universities and government institutions.  The number one rule of a political organization (as in PR) is to "Never Admit You're Wrong!".  This is not the Scientific Method where the goal is to be proven wrong as many times as you are right (or maybe many more times, in my case).

The warmists started it with their pencil-thin graphs that turned out to be a victim of semantics.  Temperature not quite going up as much?  It's still always the 'warmest year ever'.  And that map is really heat energy with all the heat going into the oceans.

Now BigGus brings that to their maps.  What is 'damage'.  Now there has been too much panic "Holy Crap!" from Ms. Hough.  It only means 'cracking' in Oklahoma, or maybe just a headache.  If it meant the same in California they would be laughed out of their beach chairs.

Now, El Nino has wasted all our heat into outer space.  We are going into a 70's style cold period.  A new ice age?  As they used to say in the 70's.  Good thing they can fuddle the stats to show we are getting warmer.  The ice on my cottage lake is never going away.  :(

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