Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tribute to Rob Ford

What everybody wants to know, is "Why did you vote for him?".  We knew he was a jolly drunk, but every politician and businessman in Canada is like that.  It has always been that way.  We have long, cold winters, and a huge amount of male depression.  Drinking has been the traditional self-medication for that.  The alternative was being a mean and nasty non-drinker like Harper.

What we didn't know was that he had become an Uber-Drunk.  Ethanol, like all the self medications for depression becomes less effective as your body becomes totally pickled.  A happy drunk like the First Prime-minister merely drinks himself to sleep every night.  But even with that, the ethanol becomes ineffective for depression, but you can't live without it.  Enter cocaine and crack.  This stuff allows you to stay up way past your bedtime, and continue the party.  It's just a close relative to caffeine, after all.

Unfortunately, you become way more than merely pickled, and quickly die at a young age.  Everyday drunks can make it way past 60 before the liver fails.

Rob Ford, nevertheless, made an impact for his few months.  He scared the heck out of sleepy politicians and bureaucracy that supports them.  I have never seen such responsiveness, and probably will never again witness it.  There is question of whether this spurt caused more good than the later badness.  I won't go into that.

I lift up a drink in tribute to this fine old drunk, and warn all the others running the country - Stay away from that white powder.  :)

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