Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The benefits of a certified roof

Peter and Greg Walker Contracting

My old 30 year roof has hit 25 years and needs replacing.  I look as forward to this as I do to Geotechnical Nightmares.  We had a friend of the family do to the roofing, and he was good as anybody.  But he missed all the things to get the roof to a ripe old age, such as the overhang, ventilation, and other stuff.  All have caused endless irritation.

All the neighbours have got their roofs done by the lowest bid.  One is selling and the best they can say is that there are 30 year shingles.  People I have known have had trouble with the flashings, and had to bring back the contractor again and again.  No luck if the guy takes off.  One new roof had a shingle fly off and break my basement window.  That was my excuse to get new windows, which Walker did as well.

Wouldn't it be nice if their were a CSA standard or a building code for this?  No such luck.  But the shingle makers have a certification process somewhat like Micro-suft.  There is a thick code book, and they make sure the job is done right.  This gets a full, very hard-core warranty.

If you buying a house, you should look for this, and add 20K to the price, just for the worry-free-ness.  I'm getting the job done by the above, and there is huge amount of extra construction before they even attach the shingles.  The old part of the house needs soffit vents. The chimney needs a saddle deflector, all sorts of things that nobody else would do.  Any shingle warranty has tons of fine print about these things.

So, there is a sticker shock.  But you should get some back when you sell.  I'm going with it.

ps.  they never give me anything for these promos.  :(

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