Sunday, March 20, 2016

Oklahoma earthquakes solved

Stanford has issued a bold statement.  The PR department has gone directly to 'Theory' based on one graph.  This is somewhat familiar to regular readers.

It's nice that old guys never retire, and keep making bold statements.  :)  I'm in conflict with this one, however.  There's a tiny bit of physics that one could check, if the PR department wanted to:

Pressure:  I am postulating that the Precambrian is a free drain, no amount of injection increases the pressure.  There are pressure readings.

Volume:  Volume of produced water has gone down by half due to the low oil price.  Earthquakes haven't.

Anything else?  Has anything else gone up?  How about fresh water injection?

I can't argue with this man, any more than I can argue with warmists.  Everybody is climbing the mountain and daring anybody to knock them off.  If they don't acknowledge physics, then you can't use physics against them.  :)

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