Sunday, March 20, 2016

Letter to Borys

Here's my letter to my Liberal MP.  I know he'll get it to Justin right away.

me to Borys.Wrzesnewskyj
10:43 AM
Hi Borys, I'm a retired guy, and former expert on earthquakes.  I do my own blog and have about 32,000 readers around the world on google+.  Not really that much, but one thing I have been doing is developing better earthquake equipment that is super cheap and can be made by anyone.  That requires that I import development electronic chips direct from China using Aliexpress.  The unreasonable barrier is the measly $20 limit on importing these things duty-free, since I am super-cheap.  This amount hasn't been changed since I first voted.  The US has something like $100, which is why my son moved to Palo Alto.  Not really, but he is developing something really great with all the bright engineers from UofT, and couldn't do it in Canada.  He is great friends with the guy who invented the Pebble Smart Watch, who also had to escape.

The things sending these people out is Canadian fuddy-duddyness.  Do you know what corruption you have to waddle in to get a development gov't grant in Canada?  I overheard some people hiring a bagman in a restaurant and I was shocked.

Anyway, fix this one little thing, and we'll worry about bank monopolies later.  :)

Harold Asmis

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