Monday, February 15, 2016

40 below

A fine taste of old man Winter this weekend.  Up in Haliburton, it was close to 40 below.  And while I was there, with just my tiny phone, they had a 5.1 in OK.  The largest determined magnitude was a 6, and I'll go with that because of the extreme directivity for these earthquakes.  This was directed downward, so not much PGV at the surface.  Would that all earthquakes were like this.  But no, we can now expect a 5-ish strike-slip aimed at Wichita.

These are not what I call 'closers'.  That will happen towards the end of the year.  We're talking 5plus thrusts, that rumble the city, or the oil tanks.  That will shut down US oil and gas, and the other guys will jack oil back up to 100 bucks.  We Canadians will make out like bandits.

At that point, if Obama wants to talk to me, we have a way out.  :)  (Wait, Alberta can buy me out!)

Here's the video of the approach to the relative's cottage.  It was only -28 C at that time.

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