Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Sad History of Eastern Seismology -- Who ya goin' sue? Part 1

Behold the new icon of Oklahoma

This starts a new series of "Who ya goin' sue?".  It provides a background for the countless attack lawyers who are descending on Oklahoma.  They'll soon find out there's no money there, so they'll have to go after the big whales.  This will be a whole new area of the law - "Wilful Ignorance".  Previously, the pit bulls have gone after a 'smoking gun', in big companies that still had intelligence.  Somewhere, some ignorant fool in Research wrote some warning that the big guys ignored, like cancer or gas tanks exploding.  Big Money!

Now, however, every organisation and company has solved this problem by shooting those guys before they have a chance to speak out.  The 'Stupidity Defence' reigns supreme.  "Nobody told me about those diesel engines."  Lawyers caused this, and now they'll have to kill their own children.  They'll have to argue 'Societal Responsibility', and how you shouldn't listen to lawyers.  You can eat the irony with a spoon.

East is East, West is West ... blah blah

In North American, the study of earthquakes is divided into two, west and east of the Rockies.  There's not a speck of cross-over, and both started from completely philosophies.  Make no mistake about, this is all 90% philosophy, and very little hard physics.

... to be continued.

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