Thursday, January 7, 2016

Oklahoma hits point of no return

I had dreams of Obama rushing in with the army and shutting down all injection.  That would put Kansas and OK on the fed payroll as welfare states, like Guam.  Everybody would be happy.  Obama would insist that they turn in their assault rifles for food stamps.  :)

At some point, near the beginning, this would have stopped the march to M7's or 8's.  There would be no New Madrid II, and St. Louis would not be flattened.  Now I am declaring that the giant snowball is rolling down the hill, getting bigger all the time and nothing can stop it.

I am impressed with the total lawlessness (Wild West) of the drilling in those places.  They allow the boreholes to be abandoned fully open.  In more civilized places, you are forced to grout the hole, so the cows don't fall in.  If, by some miracle, they stopped injection, these holes would naturally inject sufficient surface water.

So now we discuss post-apocalyptic strategies.  The big earthquakes would relieve all the stress, thus ensuring no more earthquakes in that part of the world.  Until, of course, Nebraska starts injecting.  Most likely there will be an over-reaction to stop all injection.  That would be a pity, since if they injected with Fish-treated water, it would be safe.

Today, we had the largest earthquake of this mechanism, tomorrow (or a few days) there will be a larger one.  This is just something to watch with horror, like a video of a plane coming down.  Sad.

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