Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Linux -- Flee All Specific Communication Channels

Are you addicted to $10 cauliflower?  Then economize in other areas.  We used to live in a world where all communication came down special channels.  There was the audio channel for the telephone, a satellite or cable channel for tv, and a FM channel for music.  That's all gone now!

Just like consolidating your Canadian debts, everything can go down a data channel.  You'll have two -- one wire channel, and one wireless.  The bigger a pipe you can get, the less cost per bit.

I've abandoned the satellite, and now the landline phone.  People say the landline is good in a power outage, but that's only a few milliamps, easily done by a UPS.  My Internet will last for hours with a power outage, and with an ice storm you better have alternatives.

My latest is to give up the audio channel on the cell phone.  I turned my phone into a data-only tablet.  I never talk anyway, but it is easy to do a call through my home phone number using the ooma app.  You can also use Google audio hangout (call).  To turn your phone into a tablet, you have to make sure it's at least as good as a Nexus 5x, with LTE.  Those other guys may have 'agreements'.  The cartels hate this.  Then you have to get through first level support by using threats, and voila!

ps.  my new Nexus 5x has the usb-c charger so when I put it in my dashboard clamp, with the charger on, I navigate with Google play on, and it gets so hot it can defrost the windshield!  Joking, but it is warm when I take it down.  I'm giving up on gplay now because the radio stations repeat so much.  Far better to stick to 'other' methods.

pps.  I put this under my Linux header because clueless people should not do this.  Stay on the channels and get fleeced.  It's for the best.  :)  And also, the more people are fleeced, the longer my deal lasts.

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