Friday, January 29, 2016

Big Money for Oklahoma earthquakes


Hey, they're a billion in the hole, but 1.4 mill is going to study earthquakes.  That's US dollars!

All the existing seismologists have a big footprint on their rears and left the building, mainly because it was going to fall down on their heads.  :)  The best people in OK are working on it, and they are moving 'beyond merely recording' to a brave new world.

Here's the job ad.

Wanted Dead or Alive

One earthquake person who is not a seismologist to work with the stupidest people alive, and make them look smart.  This person must find a way to stop the earthquakes without costing the oil companies a cent, since oil is worth next to nothing.  And they must show that the oil companies were right all along that they had nothing to do with the earthquakes, for the lawsuits.

Preference is giving to those that take the Bible literally, and do not go for that guff about the Earth being more than 4,000 years old.  After all, oil is the stuff left over from the Flood.

ps. for a million, I'll tell how to save your state.  :)

pps.  No seismologists need apply, is confirmed. :)

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