Monday, November 23, 2015

Oklahoma earthquakes start up big again

I shouldn't be writing this, but here we go again.  This is a deep normal earthquake with the 'hammer' going into the Earth.  That's why it is being identified as 6-ish on the other side of the world.  A bunch of these on the fault, and I'm going to issue Alert #2.  :)  As I was saying on g+, I estimate we can go up to 10 'false' alarms.  A random 'Italian Cluster' has a 1 in 100 chance of going on.

I expect another 4 of these 6-ish earthquake before I issue another yellow alert.  This time I'll go beyond knick-knacks as my count goes up, probably into practising 'Duck and Cover'.  :)

PS:  Com'on Big Busgus, slip in some strong motion instruments.  You'll never get another chance to record a 7 up close and personal.

PS2:  The M3.5 right after it was a shallow thrust.  We should really expect the thrusts to get bigger.


Barbara Bowman-Fuller said...

Thanks much for the insight into our earthquakes here in Oklahoma. I knew the damned injectors of waste were going to do us in as I have stated in too many to count Letters to the Editors of Oklahoma Newspapers. So it isn't just the pollution and contamination of rivers,streams and lakes we have to worry about. Now most likely if I understand correctly of a MAJOR QUAKE? This scares the hell out of me because these quakes are downplayed majorly on state news media. Should I move? I am beginning to think I would be safer in California! You stated in an earlier blog that Oklahoma was the middle of nowhere? Not true to all of us Okies! We matter and we count and contribute vastly in all areas to our nation and the world. Obviously not to those needing to dump their toxic waste. Thank You and keep up the good work, and PLEASE keep up the work for Oklahoma and all of her Good People.

Harold Asmis said...

I wish I could calm people down about the chances of an M7. As to whether anyone in the hot zone will suffer, it depends greatly on soil conditions. I've made lots of jokes about Okies, but I'd hate to see the consequences. Perhaps it is best to pretend that nothing will happen. :)