Saturday, November 21, 2015

Geofish Issues Yellow Alert for New Madrid Earthquake Sequence

I am interrupting my bonding time with my dog to issue this Yellow Alert.  All of the recent events in Oklahoma have been along the northern fault.  Although reported as 4-somethings, they are really 5-somethings in terms of mechanics.  The length of the active zone implies a starting quake of 7+ strike-slip, followed by the required thrust earthquakes, just as in 1811.

I issue no alerts or recommendations in the 'hot zone'.  Those who are a few hundred kilometres away should secure their breakable knick-knacks with sticky Velcro.  This is just common sense even if the earthquakes are a year away.

As usual, the uncertainties swamp any hope of an accurate prediction.  This is just a word to the wise.

PS - People on the g+ are freaking out.  This is the strongest indication I've ever seen (even in hindsight), but it is still only worth $5.  That's because the uncertainties are overwhelming.  Secure the knick-knacks for $5, that's all I'm saying.

PS2:  This alert closes 48 hours after the last earthquake along this line.  I will shut down again.

PS3:  Still more activity along the line, but it is going down.  Here is the cheapest stuff I could find (on the side).  I just bought some myself to see how it works, but in Canada, only those in High Park and the Beaches need to get it.

PS4:  Nothing is happening and the alert is off.  Perhaps we need a few more episodes like this this to get the motor started.  So, I sign off.


Barbara Bowman-Fuller said...

I live in Tulsa,Oklahoma and can attest to the fact that we have had multiple quakes and aftershocks the past three days. They are terrifying even though they are only 4 somethings, they FEEL like a lot more. I keep waiting for the cracks in my foundation and walls to appear. Are these from all the fracking going on in our state or are they indeed activated by the New Madrid activity? Time will tell.

Harold Asmis said...

When I mention 'New Madrid', it means that the new OK earthquakes are following the established "New Madrid Pattern'. They both have identical mechanisms. Also, I only call this a 'Knick-knack Warning' since this is all you can do for those in the knick-knack zone. You are in the 'hot zone', so it's not worth worrying about.

I remember a story about sailors on the Atlantic convoys during World War II. Those on the gasoline tankers got into their PJ's and had a nice sleep. Those in coal ships slept in their clothes with their life jackets on and never slept soundly, since they had a chance to run if a torpedo hit.

I'd rather have a nice sleep. :)