Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The next generation of Android phones for cheap men

We're looking at the OnePlus Two, and the New Nexus 5 as being the next hot phone that you can put in your jeans pocket.  For normal people, you won't get any of these before Christmas.

The 1+2 has a reservation list of 2 million, and they only produced 1.5 million of the old phone.  Nevertheless, I put my unique style of writing on their forums, to go for my one in a million chance to buy the thing at full price.  :)

I think the Nexus5 will be better in software support.  Do you need any of this?  We find that the old N4 and N5 are perfectly adequate in Canada where you pay an arm and a leg for data.  99% of what you do while driving is text and talk.  :)  Who's going to watch the Bluejays on their phone?  And some of these new phones are getting ridiculous with 3x retina displays.  With my eyes I'm super sub-retina.  :)

Problem is that you can't get the old phones either, but if you can, you'll be happy with an old Nexus.

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