Thursday, September 17, 2015

M8 Earthquake Chile - unusual shallow thrust

You don't expect these at a subduction zone, but that means the oceanic crust is smashing into Chile, and causing compression.  Had it been near the capital we would have confirmed a very high PGV, but we can't tell here.

Add: busgus reporting a very high intensity.  Only adobe houses, so I don't know what they are working with.  The hammer zone was right on land, but there may be no houses there.  Had it been measured, it would have been a world record, and I would be proven right again.  :)  No such luck.

Add2 - m7 aftershock, hope they had an accelerometer in for that one.

OMG- I'm at the cottage and my brain is fried.  The focal mechanism looks like an every day subduction quake, and there could be just the normal 20 cm/s, which would knock down any adobe house.  Forget all that thrust hammer talk, I'm just so ashamed.  :)

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