Thursday, September 3, 2015

El Nino still stuck

Oh, this is not going to be good for California.

This is the current situation of wet air moving all around the globe.  The only rain we get on the fringes comes from these plumes that curl out.  El Nino is currently just a huge mass of warm water on the western half of the Pacific.  It is supposed to break out against the prevailing current and give the Americas a nice wet kiss.

You can see it is stuck, sending typhoons to Hawaii.  Australia is plumeless.  And everything goes around California because of the cold water coming down.  In the Atlantic, new hurricanes are getting sheared off by the strong air currents.  I've been waiting to see the new updates to the ocean current map, but I suspect it will just show the same thing.

If this El Nino fails, then California is up the dry creek.

Addition -- Checking the ocean current update, it hasn't changed at all.  We can call it stuck, and we await the equatorial current shift to the south in winter.  Then it might break out.

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