Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Bipolar Attitude of Nuclear Plants and Earthquakes


So, a pitiful Japanese nuclear reactor got hit by a 1 in 500 seismic event.  Big mess.  The reactor beside it wasn't bothered.  Now they are restarting, and this probably puts less lives at risk than burning coal or oil

They had numerous earthquake incidents before to warn them, but ignored everything.  It's all the little things that bring down a plant.  We have the same thing here with the ancient Pickering plant.  It's no use going into details because all our newspapers are dead, and everybody accepts the Bland Face of Nothing.  As with earthquake engineering, it always takes a disaster to close the barn door.  :)

The title refers to the practice of putting everything into the heavy systems that will never fail in an earthquake, and totally ignoring all the rest.

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