Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stupidity in Earthquakes


I've learned not to rail against mass stupidity.  It never does any good, and you get depressed.  It's a useless activity for us old men.  Instead I laugh at it.  I love these earthquake articles written by people who don't know the first thing about earthquakes.  They line up their talking heads, but take things out of context.

For instance, here they are dissing poor old Richter.  I've read his original papers and they are beautiful.  He did what he had to do, just like the first qwerty keyboard.  Is this the stupidest thing in the whole earthquake biz?  Not by a long shot.

I'm not listing the entire realm of stupidities, god knows I've written enough about it.  All will be clarified during the next big earthquake in a modern country.  Then we'll change stupid assumptions as we always have.  Too bad for you losers!

ps.  San Francisco high rises on the solid rock of Telegraph Hill have nothing to worry about, except the stupid bit about evacuation to the mucked up street.  Now, that's a stupidity!

Clarification:  By 'modern' I mean Southern California.  Nothing that happens in other countries gets into code and design.  I've learned a lot from Taiwan and Chile.  Nothing ever comes out of Japan.  Loma Prieta only did something for bridges.  Right now everything is based on Imperial Valley, San Fernando, and a bit of Northridge.

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