Friday, August 7, 2015

Big Guy launches his start-up

My California son has started.

This the web site.

Throw your money at it!  I've spent enough money on the education.  If it is successful, maybe I get some travel out of it, if my son is generous.  :)

The modus operandi of Silicon Valley startups is to attack the margin of monopolists, such as taxi cabs.  This venture is a shot at the whole mortgage industry including the banks.  Soon, bank presidents will in the streets, demanding that John Tory save them.  :)

This is good for the States, but in Canada, there is that horrible thing about 'joint and severally liable', which nailed me several years ago.  We are also due for a massive housing correction, and it might be best to let the banks take that hit.

The nugget buried in here is the new system for landlords to take care of the property.  I think this was the original core, but it's better if everybody becomes a landlord.

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