Friday, May 29, 2015

Physics - The Very Large Carbon Cycle - Part 1

I've been writing about very large Earth physics, with energies far above anything that puny Man can do.  It is the height of conceit to think we are influencing any of these things.

Today's lecture is the (very) Large Carbon Cycle.  We are all totally saturated by the small carbon cycle, which is the one supposedly dooming us.  That is:  we breathe out, our breath is the equivalent of dragon's fire, then the trees and ocean suck it up, if we are lucky.

These articles are just for those people who have bumper stickers reading:  "My Science Includes Physics".  All others can leave.  Creationists and Climate Scientists are the same, you can never argue with them because they have redefined all the terms, and never stick with anything once something new comes along.  Really, if you come up with a Universal Constant of carbon sensitivity, it should stick for any and all time, and not get fudged when things don't happen the way they should.

Back to the point.  Take a look at Venus.  Not a very nice place.  Yet we must assume that Venus and Earth started out the same with respect to carbon, but with Venus, it's all in the atmosphere, and Earth only has a smidgeon in the air.  Where is it?

So, let's look at the early Earth.  The Sun was maybe 20% weaker, which does change things too much, and the Galactic Seeders had already visited.  That is, we had blobs of bacteria enjoying themselves.  The atmosphere was all methane.  Wait!  Did somebody catch that?  Methane, which supposedly has a greenhouse effect of 10 times (or more) of co2.  The mere fact that life existed shows that we could have visited and thrown blobs of bacteria at each other.  So, throughout the whole history of Earth, we had things at around body temperature, which is where all life processes run their best.  If the temperatures had been different, we'd a silicon life form.

Can it be that our Creationist Climate people are full of it?  Of course.  The Greenhouse Effect cannot exist where there is full-cell convection.  Solid methane didn't bake us, because that whole stupid thing doesn't exist.  That's why you can't argue with such people.  Anyhow, shortly after we left, somebody threw in some cyanobacteria, and everything turned over to oxygen.  And still we have our carbon question.

-to be continued.

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