Saturday, May 2, 2015

Michigan M4.2 earthquake - felt forever

I didn't feel it.  I was outside, enjoying the warmth and vino, with a tang of eau du manure, since I had just dumped some compost.  Highrises should have noticed some sloshing in fish tank.

It just blew away the Polaris seismic network.  Fortunately we have real dynamic range, unlike the people in the States.

Thousands of responses, and the intensity was fairly flat.  This is a classic Eastern earthquake in all its glory.

Oblique normal, so it was a weeny for local effects even though it got up to Intensity 6.  Lots of people must be on swamps.  I can't think it was that shallow.

Nice farmland.

This is on the edge of the Michigan Basin and is the best spot in the world for some happy people to start injecting right into the Precambrian.  We didn't see the smaller events leading up to this since they don't believe in seismometers.  Add Michigan to the list.

Any closer into the basin and you'd never be able to inject.  I'm not saying nothing, mind you, just look around.  :)

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