Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oklahoma earthquakes - getting close to a storm of 4's

Ok, just 2.  But I'm waiting for 4 or 5 M4's.  That would mean something really big.  This was a shallow strike-slip under the poor old Anthony courthouse.  It can't take much more!  We've also seen a fair bit of activity along the OkCity thrust fault.  It's all primed for a 5 or 6 thrust, which will shed some bricks for sure.

Because of the deep earthquakes, we're cruising with a 1% chance per month of an M7 thrust.  This would make some parts of the city look like Nepal.  But it will never happen ....  Don't worry, be happy!

 Third 4:  This just in.  Shallow thrust, intensity 5.  Ok, we can now call it a storm.  Expect one or two more, and then a fiver or six.  Dilation Theory Rules.

4th 4:  That's enough, get on with the show.

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