Sunday, April 12, 2015

M3.3 shallow thrust under Cushing Ok. - Intensity 4

Ok, here's the deal.  Those oil tanks all rupture at a PGV of 50 cm/s.  The pitiful dykes don't have a chance.  There is a sea of oil, and the crunching steel sets it ablaze.

Probably better than going into the rivers.  Right now a very tiny M3.3 caused an Intensity 4, which might be 5 cm/s.  Go up to more than a 5 with a shallow thrust and .....

Those people must also be on soft ground.  I know they like to put those oil tank on mush, so there's not too much differential strain on the very thin steel.  When all this happens, I think we'll have to stop driving for a while, maybe not our electric car.  :)

Update:  Follow by another M3.4 that was barely felt.

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