Thursday, April 9, 2015

Linux - Do Not Torrent Through Tor

Yeah, I've figured out how I got a Hollywood letter.  First of all, I don't believe they put a speck of effort into this for accuracy.  That would be really expensive.

But I run a Tor relay on Linux, and I have been brave enough to allow it to be an exit relay.  That means the Saudis can come after me for allowing ladies to look up driving lessons.  The Tor Network scrambles things so that nobody can find the originating IP address, but people can shoot the messenger, that is the final IP address.

Bell puts no effort into this, and I'm certainly not contacting the sharks directly.  I'll just wait to collect a big pile of these letters.

But, please, do not clog up the Tor network with this stuff, it's too slow.  There are better ways.  Can't wait to get a letter from Russia that I'm illegally accessing

Update - Open Letter

Dear Hollywood, Like many Canadians I run a Tor Network Relay.  I can no more control the output than you can control your coke habit.  We do it to protect gays from your right wing.  Our Federal Government is also right-wing, and they love you guys, but who knows how long they will stay in power?

In fact, I am encouraging all Canadians to run Tor Relays.  You can send them all letters, and we'll make a chain of them to surround Ottawa.

The old Trudeau would have said "Up Yours', but the new one never says anything because he has a lisp.  He should be encouraging us.

Yours in all sincerity,

Update:  Since Justin won't support me, I have turned off exiting on my Tor relay.

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