Monday, April 27, 2015

Linux - Debian turnover, a time of great confusion

Every two years, Debian throws us into a great mess.  It's good to come out the other side.  Namely, I'm talking about the shift of Jessie to stable.  I run testing on one machine, and stable on the other.  Every once in a while, I have mucked things so much that I reinstall from a usb.  Debian loves its Toy Story names, so the install always uses the cutie names.  You have the choice of using the boring generic names.

So now on my testing machine, I have to change 'jessie' to the generic 'testing', since I don't think the new name of 'Stretch' is that established yet.  There weren't too many changes.

But on my 'stable' machine, I changed the name in 'sources.list' from 'Wheezy' to 'Jessie'.  There were thousands of updates, and I had to run 'aptitude upgrade --full-resolver' to try to get it to work.

Oh neat, this update has totally bricked my machine.  Time for a re-install.  blah.  Don't try this at home, kiddies.

Update:  It totally shattered my built-in amd apu graphics, dvi output, which I worked so hard at.  Working on analog.  I can't decide whether the new installer will have this all organized by now.

Update2:  I recompiled a new kernel, adding all the radeon stuff.  dmesg looks good, but no dvi output.  There seems to be no hope to fix this now.  As usual, I'll wait for other people to have this problem.  :)  The standard vga seems better.

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